Altars of Curacao (Altá di Kòrsou)


The exhibition Altá di Kòrsou (altars of Curacao) opened on September 17, 2009. It was dedicated to Father Paul Brenneker and Elis Juliana. This exhibition is based on their collections about religiosity, obtained fifty years ago and subsequently handed over to NAAM.


The main topic was the religious life of the Afro-Curacao population as expressed by home altars dedicated to San Antonio, the most popular saint of Curacao, a Catholic Altar and an altar of Montamentu. The exhibition was set up by Tirzo Martha and inspired by the know-how of Bob Harms, Jossy Pieter, Joyce Zimmerman and others. The exhibition and surrounding publications were made possible through sponsoring by the Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds and APNA.