Organ in the “snoa”

Series Cultural Heritage

The organ in the Mikvé Israel Synagogue in Curaçao was consecrated on October 24, 1866. For almost a hundred years, this organ rendered faithful service as musical support during services, but since approximately 1950, it has not been played any more. Due to the bad condition of this antique musical instrument, it was decided to switch to electric organs and since 1980 a computerized digital electronic organ has been used.
But the majority of the Jewish congregation think that the organ has to be restored. In the past, various efforts were made to preserve the old pipe organ, but with no success. The 135-year-old organ has suffered from the years and the climate. The extensive restoration, which is necessary, costs money, a lot of money. During the visit of the Dutch crown prince Willem-Alexander in April 2001, Holland promised to make three hundred thousand Dutch guilders available for the restoration, but that is not sufficient. The Jewish community itself has to raise the rest of the necessary funds, an estimated one hundred thousand guilders. Holland has, moreover, stipulated as a condition that within a year a plan must have been submitted for the restoration, otherwise the right to subsidy will lapse. The restoration is expected to last about two years.